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Sochi Autodrom Grandstands

Sochi Autodrom 

Each of the Sochi Autodrom grandstands offers an excellent view of the most exciting sections of the track. 

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Main Grandstand

The Main Grandstand, positioned alongside the start and finish line, will give spectators a stunning view of the opening ceremony, the start of the race, an unsurpassed work of mechanics during pit stops, the drivers fighting for the first turn as well as the view of the winner's finish. 

The Main Grandstand has a roof and consists of several levels: level 2 lower, level 2 upper, level 4.

From all the sectors of the Main Grandstand one can watch the race broadcast at the giant screens and follow the race listening to the experienced world-class commentators. 

One of the best seats are located at the central part of the grandstand. 

Spectators, seating in sectors 201-203 and 401-403, will see the podium ceremony. Level 4 features panoramic views of Sochi Autodrom and it is rightfully considered to be one of the best seat category. Inside the Main Grandstand one can find cafés, Sochi Autodrom merchandise outlets and the box office, where tickets for the events taking place during the Formula 1 event are available.  A miniature of the circuit in Sochi and a photo gallery of celebrity guests of Sochi Autodrom are exhibited in the lobby of the Main Grandstand.​

The Main Grandstand 

T1 Sergey Sirotkin Grandstand

T1 Grandstand is positioned at the outer side of turn 1 and is adjacent to the Main Grandstand. T1 offers a great view of the start and finish straight, the pit exit and the first turn. This is a great vantage point to see the race cars accelerating up to 300km/h as they approach turn 2. The feature of this grandstand is that the spectators can follow the race battle unfolding not only in the first two turns but also in turns 12, 13 and 14. T1 Grandstand faces 3 giant screens. 2-Day and 4-Day child tickets are available for the T1 Grandstand.  Child tickets are available for children aged 3 to 12. T1 Grandstand is the best place for your family!​

T1 Sergey Sirotkin Grandstand  

T2 Vitaly Petrov ​Grandstand

One of the best grandstands for those who love spectacular manoeuvres has been named after the first Russian Formula 1 driver – Vitaly Petrov. 

The grandstand is positioned in one of the sharpest corners of the track. It is here where the Formula 1 fans will see the race cars braking from about 339 km/h before the most difficult section of the track, that hardly exceeds one hundred metres. 

The second turn is a serious challenge for the drivers, and the slightest mistake can result in going off the track and losing precious seconds. The Vitaly Petrov Grandstand is equipped with two large video screens and a PA system.

Another advantage of the grandstand is that it is located near the Central Square of the Olympic Park, where F1 Village is located during the Grand Prix.

T2 Vitaly Petrov ​Grandstand 

T3 Daniil Kvyat Grandstand

In the T3 Grandstand named after the Russian Formula 1 driver, Daniil Kvyat, spectators will be treated to the sights of thrilling battles as the drivers pass turns 2 and 3.

Turn 3 has the shape of the Omega letter and is the longest left hander in the entire Formula 1 calendar. Drivers are making a very long turn around the Central Square while negotiating this corner.

Spectators that choose the T3 Grandstand will have access to the Adler Arena Olympic venue which has a lounge area, fast food cafés and merchandise stores. T3 Grandstand is the closest grandstand to the race track and it faces 3 giant screens.​

There will be special promotions and giveaways for the true fans of Daniil Kvyat!​

T3 Daniil Kvyat Grandstand  

T4 Grandstand

Spectators of the T4 Grandstand will witness the most gripping moments of the race: it is here where one can see the race cars coming out of turn 3 and enjoy the view of turns 4 and 5. T4 Grandstand offers picturesque sea views and views of the grand Olympic stadiums. T4 Grandstand overlooks 3 giant screens.​

T4 Grandstand 

General Admission

The General Admission Area, located around the Bolshoy Ice Palace, offers view of turns 4, 5 and 6.

Guests of the General Admission Area can watch the race from any place around the Bolshoy Ice Palace and can watch the video streaming on the giant screen.

Further, those who purchase tickets to this ​area will be able to attend stunning concerts in the Central Square of the Olympic Park. The spectators will have access to the Bolshoy Ice Palace where F&B and other services will be available.

Please be advised that there are no seats in the General Admission Area and the pit lane walk is not available for the General Admission guests.

General Admission​​