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Sochi Autodrom 

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• Sochi Autodrom is the first and only circuit hosting the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix.
• The venue has been designed by Tilke Gmbh & Co., the head of which — Hermann Tilke — is the author of most of the modern Formula 1 tracks.
• Looking at a map of the track, your eye can’t help but be drawn to the long Turn 3 - a 750m constant-radius left-hander. Another distinguishing feature of the track is the combination of technical 90-degree turns and high-speed straight lines and bends.
• It has a modern infrastructure suitable for holding international motorsport competitions of the highest level.
• It is the only Russian circuit that operates all year round.
• The circuit is integrated into the Olympic Park built for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
• The external infrastructure of the Olympic Park includes modern hotels of various categories and a convenient transport system around the airport with numerous railway and road junctions.
• It has permanent team buildings located opposite team garages. This allows competitors to operate without their motorhomes, thereby considerably simplifying logistics.
• The Sochi Autodrom race control building has a video control system with Real-Time Full HD technology, consisting of 56 screens. The video surveillance system is based on 45 Speed Dome trackside cameras.​​


Circuit Length: 5,848 meters.
Circuit Width: 13 to 15 meters.
Number of Turns: 18 (12 right and 6 left).
DRS zones: 2.
Altitude: 21.4–23.3m.



Fastest Lap: 1:31.387 — Valtteri Bottas (Q3, 2018), average speed — 230.369 kph.
Race Fastest Lap: 1:35.761 — Lewis Hamilton (2019), average speed — 219.847kph.
Speed Record: 343.1kph — Kimi Raikkonen (race, 2015).​


Fastest Lap: 1:46.476 — Nyck de Vries (qualifying, 2018).
Race Fastest Lap: 1:50.501 — George Russell (sprint race, 2018).


Fastest Lap: 1:52.583 — Robert Shwartzman (qualifying, 2019).
Race Fastest Lap: 1:55.513 — Jake Hughes (feature race, 2019).