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Sochi Autodrom 

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• Sochi Autodrom is the first and only circuit hosting the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix.
• The venue has been designed by Tilke Gmbh & Co., the head of which — Hermann Tilke — is the author of most of the modern Formula 1 tracks.
• Looking at a map of the track, your eye can’t help but be drawn to the long Turn 3 - a 750m constant-radius left-hander. Another distinguishing feature of the track is the combination of technical 90-degree turns and high-speed straight lines and bends.
• It has a modern infrastructure suitable for holding international motorsport competitions of the highest level.
• It is the only Russian circuit that operates all year round.
• The circuit is integrated into the Olympic Park built for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
• The external infrastructure of the Olympic Park includes modern hotels of various categories and a convenient transport system around the airport with numerous railway and road junctions.
• It has permanent team buildings located opposite team garages. This allows competitors to operate without their motorhomes, thereby considerably simplifying logistics.
• The Sochi Autodrom race control building has a video control system with Real-Time Full HD technology, consisting of 56 screens. The video surveillance system is based on 45 Speed Dome trackside cameras.​​


Circuit Length: 5,848 meters.
Circuit Width: 13 to 15 meters.
Number of Turns: 18 (12 right and 6 left).
DRS zones: 2.
Altitude: 21.4–23.3m.



Fastest Lap: 1:31.304​ —  Lewis Hamilton​ (Q3, 2020), average speed — 230,579​​ kph.
Race Fastest Lap: 1:35.761 — Lewis Hamilton (2019), average speed — 219.847kph.
Speed Record: 343.1kph — Kimi Raikkonen (race, 2015).​


Fastest Lap: 1:46.476 — Nyck de Vries (qualifying, 2018).
Race Fastest Lap: 1:50.501 — George Russell (sprint race, 2018).


Fastest Lap: 1:52.583 — Robert Shwartzman (qualifying, 2019).
Race Fastest Lap: 1:55.513 — Jake Hughes (feature race, 2019).



Because during mass ​events there is heavy traffic on the section from the access bridge from Triumfalnaya Street to the Iceberg Ice Palace due to the lack of road signs, ANO "ROSGONKI" has developed a traffic management and fencing plan for the area containing the infrastructure facilities that ensure the operation of the Formula 1 circuit.

In order to ensure the safety of the residents and guests of the Sirius federal territory, traffic has been streamlined in the direction of Triumfalnaya Street to Sochi Autodrom and the drift site and in the direction of the Olympic Park through the Iceberg Ice Palace. Markings have been updated, road signs are planned to be installed. An auxiliary pedestrian crossing has been organised.

In order to ensure the sequence of passage at the intersection, priority signs have been installed (main road, give way, moving without stopping is prohibited).

There prohibition signs (no stop, speed limit, control), additional information signs (tow truck is working, main road direction, paid services) have also been installed

The location of the permitted car park has been indicated.​​​​