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Sochi’s French sister city’s mayor visits Sochi Autodrom

​On March 30, the representatives of the French delegation led by mayor of Menton, Jean-Claude Guibal visited Sochi Autodrom

Menton and Sochi have been sister cities for fifty years, and the visit of the French party took place at the invitation of the Sochi city administration.

At the circuit, the delegation members learned about the infrastructure of the racetrack and had a race taxi ride.

Jean-Claude Guibal: "We haven't visited Sochi since 2014, when the Olympic Games were held. However, we knew that the Olympics have left a rich legacy, as well as many new infrastructure facilities have been built, in particular, this circuit. It is a magnificent Formula 1 racetrack, I had a race taxi ride, and I loved it! You have to be a very good driver to win a race at Sochi Autodrom, because it has certain challenges. This circuit is unique in its combination of the seascape and the views of the snow-capped mountains. It's amazing how they managed to integrate a Formula 1 track into the architecture of the Olympic Park".