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Sochi Autodrom Grandstands Guide. T1 Grandstand

​We continue to introduce all seating options available at Sochi Autodrom’s Grandstands for the 2017 FORMULA 1 VTB RUSSIAN GRAND PRIX visitors.

The best views of overtaking and the most interesting racing manoeuvers; the seats, where you can watch how the drivers handle the most difficult corners and move up the grid; the best location for families with kids – you'll find all these details in our Grandstands Guide.

Т1 Grandstand

The View

T1 Grandstand is located next to the Main Grandstand, on the outer side of Turn 1, which the drivers pass at full throttle. This is a first DRS (Drag Reduction System) activation zone at this circuit. The spectators of the T1 Grandstand see how the racing cars are accelerating up to 300 km/h before they reach the 90 degrees Turn 2. This corner is quite tight and sharp. However, Turn 2 is one of the best places for overtaking.  In addition, the viewers can witness the racing battles at Turns 12, 13 and 14. The start/finish line and the pit lane exit are also visible from these seats. Thus, you can see the maximum of the on-track action. 


T1 Grandstand is equipped with two large screens, and everything you have may have missed on track, can be viewed on our video broadcasting system. Special sectors – The T1 Panorama – with the best views are singled out. 

As the T1 Grandstand is located near the Main Grandstand, the T1 tickets holders can save their time and access most of the Main Grandstand facilities (cafes, WCs, souvenir shops, motorsport museum). For the families with kids the opportunity of having all necessary facilities at hand can be crucial in choosing the seats and buying the tickets.  


There are several ticket options available for the T1 Grandstand. You can buy 4-day tickets (from 27th to 30th April, including the pit lane walk on Thursday) and 2-day tickets (Saturday-Sunday). Also, a one-day ticket is available for Friday, 28th April.  A one-day ticket is a new offer for the 2017 FORMULA 1 VTB RUSSIAN GRAND PRIX. This is the best option for those who bought the Saturday-Sunday tickets for another grandstand, but also wish to see the Formula 1 runs from another angle. Apart from this, the Friday ticket is the only chance to visit the Russian Grand Prix if you are not able to come to Sochi Autodrom on Saturday and Sunday. Friday is a first official day of the F1 racing weekend. This is the day, when the Free Practice sessions take place, and you can already feel the energy of high speeds and the electricity in the air. The one-day ticket at the price of only 2000 rubles, is the most suitable solution for the motorsport fans who, due to different reasons, cannot attend the races.

The tickets to the standard sectors and the T1 panorama sectors of the T1 Grandstand  are available at , in Sochi Autodrom ticket offices and city ticket offices in Sochi. There are child tickets and tickets for wheelchair users are also available.

Expert Opinion

Our expert today is a multiple Russian Champion in circuit racing, the Lukoil Racing Team driver Alexey Dudukalo. At Sochi Autodrom, Alexey scored a number of podiums in the Russian circuit racing series (Touring Class). The round of the Russian racing series was held prior to the debut Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix in the autumn of 2014, and since then, Sochi Autodrom has been host to the Russian series for 2015 and 2016 seasons.  


Alexey Dudukalo: "From the T1 Grandstand the spectator can easily watch the events at the start/finish line, and the back part of the track in Turns 12,13 and 14. The start/finish line is an interesting part of the circuit; if you have a good exit from the last corner, you can prepare a strong attack by the time you reach Turn 2, and it's very important to be in the slipstream here. This is a quite fast sector, and you should avoid excessive turns of the wheel and ensure that your car drives as straight as possible. The back part of the track which is visible from the T1 Grandstand is also an interesting and tough place. The spectators can see the exit from the Turn 14 where most of the drivers cut the left part of the corner. This is an off-camber turn, and the car is sliding down to the outer part of the track.  That is why it's very important to start accelerating, having cut this part as much as the sporting rules allow. This turn is followed by quite a short straight. This is a dangerous place. However, there will be definitely some "hotheads" who will try to overtake here. In Turns 15 and 16 you have to be very accurate. There are additional restricting curbs here, and the Formula 1 drivers should avoid touching them as they can seriously damage the car's suspension. Overall, I enjoy racing at Sochi Autodrom. This is a quite wide track, and if you make a mistake when braking into the second corner, you have enough run-off. The safety at Sochi Autodrom is of a very high standard. The circuit is equipped with the TecPro protection barriers. I will be happy to race here again! » 

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